With the addition of solo builds, however, players can finally enjoy the full range of content solo. Solo builds are designed for players to optimize their characters for solo content, allowing them to take on difficult encou

Table of components

  • Why solo builds deserve using in SW TOR
  • Balance Sage Solo Build
  • Telekinetic Sage Solo Build
  • Significant Cooldown Capabilities for Sages

Why solo builds are worth making use of in SW TOR

These extremely powerful results develop the basis of the solo constructs as well as are able to exist without triggering (way too many) equilibrium problems in team content since they are brief and just reliably trigger off of combat occasions that are rather distinct to and also common when fighting trash crowds.

Stronger single opponents like elites (golds) where you would certainly have the ability to stretch your rotational legs are uncommon enough that you can trivialize them with appropriate usage of offensive cooldowns (OCD's) so also they don't always endure a complete turning cycle.

I believe this separate was in charge of making missing garbage using stealth and also cheese such a prominent approach to playing Eve in SW TOR. BioWare clearly recognized this and also (mostly) solved it by presenting incredibly powerful new ability tree buffs as well as fabulous implants that synergize with existing tactical things.

In solo content, you're mostly dealing with trash crowds that have so little wellness that most of the enemies won't be able to survive for greater than 2-3 capacities, and also you often angle even survive a whole rotation before that combat encounter is over.

For virtually the totality of Story background, combating garbage wasn't enjoyable since the battle system didn't assistance it. Garbage mob experiences seldom last more than a few seconds while manager fights and PVP usually last at the very least a few minutes, needing you to utilize far even more capacities.

Balance Sage Solo Build

In this section, Sickness be covering the capability tree develop and solo capability concern for Equilibrium Sage. Please refer to the 7.0 Equilibrium Sage Eve Guide if you want extra in-depth details, especially on subjects concerning gearing, capabilities, and also ability tree options.

Equilibrium Solo Web Content Capacity Tree Builds

Higher Survivability

Equilibrium in fact has two builds that function well with solo content. The first offers maximum survivability while the second trades several of that survivability for added damage output and flexibility. Both builds use the Gathering Storm and Unrivaled Haste implants as well as for managers, I advise using the Tempest of Rho tactical rather than Killing Field.

The Build Basics are what I take into consideration to be the core components that make the build practical. Without them, to develop no longer achieves its main feature.

The capability tree lovers, implants, and tactical that aren't provided as Build Essentials can be altered as needed without endangering the integrity of the construct, though I have consisted of a complete set of default options that will certainly be most continually helpful in completing what the construct lay out to do.

Develop Basics:

This construct offers more survivability by taking skills that include group control (CC), self-healing, or damages reduction (DR). Your bubble, Force Armor, is pretty solid with this build, so make certain It's up as typically as possible. After the stun uses off from it getting popped, utilize Cloud Mind if you can't reapply the bubble immediately.

Usage Pressure Raise on the toughest adversary that is furthest from the group. You wish to me the one that will strike the hardest that you can stay clear of Dot spreading to. In some cases it isn't possible to CC the suitable target as well as miss it with Pressure in Equilibrium, as well as in those instances, I advise simply Dot infecting it as well as leaning on other protective or offensive cooldowns.

Higher Damages

One with the Force Cloud Mind Facility Point Warden of the Pressure Telekinetic Protection Kinetic Collapse Force Lift Mind Ward Killing Field

Develop Basics:

Technically, you can use Center Factor rather than Shatter Connection and you'll deal even more damage, particularly to teams of enemies that have more than 3 targets, however Shatter Connection supplies a much more regular AOE boost as well as actually helps in single-target scenarios.

Since it permits you to complete off Strong (silver) opponents with Task as soon as you use all 3 Dots, mentors of Salivary is probably the most impactful addition. On higher-level earths, you might need to include Pressure Calmness or an offending cooldown also.

I think Equilibrium uses sufficient survivability on its very own, especially outside of Heroics, and also you can most definitely make it through just great with this develop, though it will cause an extra difficult experience in some circumstances compared to the greater survivability build.

Consuming Light Mentors of Salivary Ruin Link Warden of the Pressure Telekinetic Protection Esoteric Alacrity Egress Killing Field

I suggest making use of Phase Stroll not for battle, however simply to quicken getting around in between mission goals. Place Phase Stroll down whenever you understand you're gonna need to return the means you came and also use it as quickly as you've completed what you took a detour to do as well as are back in range.

Just how to utilize these builds

Both builds work quite similarly in actual battle. Your major purpose is to spread your Dots and after that make use of Force quake if things are still healthy and balanced or finish single adversaries off with Pressure Serenity, Telekinetic Throw, as well as Project, if appropriate.

  1. Sever Pressure (initial Dot).
  2. Deteriorate Mind (second Dot).
  3. Pressure Rate (for implants).
  4. Pressure in Equilibrium (Dot spread and also AOE damage).
  5. Telekinetic Toss (to produce 4 stacks of Visibility of Mind).
  6. Beat (with 4 stacks of Hardheadedness).

Telekinetic Solo Web Content Capacity Tree Build.

I very recommend utilizing Telekinetic for regular goals and Balance for heroics and also FPs.

AOE Damage.

The solo Telekinetic develop focuses on using Telekinetic Wave to deal damages straight as well as apply Inactive Tremors, which will make afflicted targets take added damages from your following Force quake. Then you have Weaken Mind, Disturbance, Telekinetic Gust, Mind Crush, and Job to round off stronger adversaries.

This turning will be enough to obtain teams of garbage comprised specifically of standard as well as weak opponents.

As soon as you have 4 heaps of Visibility of Mind, you'll use Vanquish, which will relate to all nearby targets impacted by your Force Suppression heaps (which were used by Pressure in Equilibrium). It's best to select a target near the facility of the pack, so it hits as many as feasible. Generally, that can be whatever you spread out from, yet sometimes it dies prior to that occurs.

The capability tree lovers, implants, and also tactical that aren't detailed as Build Essentials can be changed as required without endangering the honesty of to develop, though I have consisted of a complete collection of default options that will be most constantly helpful in accomplishing what to develop lay out to do.

It does not actually issue which tactical item you utilize; they all supply a unique advantage. Storm watch will certainly cause the highest possible sustained DPS as well as is best in longer fights. Lyrics Rush can typically enable you to defeat adversaries outright with Disturbance, so you don't have to invest an extra GCD to do Telekinetic Gust. Elemental Convection offers you a number of AOE, however you obtain enough from your capacity tree aficionados that its extreme beyond heroics.

Construct Essentials:.

Use Mental Alacrity and/or Pressure Potency against groups or solitary opponents that are more challenging to beat than many.

There are 2 mini-rotations for Telekinetic in solo web content relying on whether you desire to deal a great deal of single-target or AOE damage. With both rotations, make certain to reapply Pressure Armor as quickly as the Force-imbalanced rebuff diminishes.

Just like with Equilibrium, utilize the Event Storm and also Unmatched Haste epic implants.

Telekinetic Sage Solo Build.

The Build Basics are what I consider to be the core components that make the construct feasible. Without them, the construct no longer completes its key feature.

Telekinetic Throw is made use of beside obtain 4 stacks of Hardheadedness, so you can make Vanquish immediate as well as increase its damages. You'd usage Force quake there rather if BioWare ever makes and does the right point Force quake compatible with Telekinetic Toss.

After you've spread your Dots, which ability you use actually depends on just how much HP the group has actually left. If something has considerably higher HP, make use of Pressure Calmness versus that and after that spam Force quake (if you can strike at the very least 3 targets) or Telekinetic Toss otherwise.

Dormant Trembling. Incoming Turbulence. Telekinetic Protection.

Kinetic Collapse. Egress.

In this section, I'll be covering the capacity tree construct and also solo ability priority for Telekinetic Sage. Please refer to the 7.0 Telekinetic Sage Eve Guide if you want much more thorough details, especially on topics relating to gearing, capacities, and also capacity tree options.

If you missed out on striking something with Force in Balance, it can be good to apply to Vanquish from that target due to the fact that it will still infect anything that has Force Reductions piles also though the initial target isn't impacted by it.

With Trainings of Salivary, Dot Spread complied with by Pressure Peacefulness adhered to by Job will generally be enough to take out a Solid (silver opponent) and obtain a substantial piece of HP against an Elite (gold). Reapply your Dots to that target if the target is still alive and also has a significant amount of HP.

Exactly how to use this construct.

You'll be spreading out Sever Force and also Weaken Mind with Pressure in Equilibrium, so ensure they're on something near to the facility of the team as well as that you're certain will certainly survive the procedure or the Dots will not spread.

Make certain to take Telekinetic Strike if you're utilizing Elemental Convection, yet again, I truly do not believe it's all that useful for typical goals. Balance is substantially far better suited to heroics considering that Telekinetic does not deal as much AOE damage, has much less survivability, and the total rotation really feels a lot more clunky with Telekinetic Blitz included.

  1. Telekinetic Wave (optional pre-cast).
  2. If appropriate), Force Strength (.
  3. Force quake (will certainly make Telekinetic Wave instant).
  4. Force Speed (if suitable).
  5. Telekinetic Wave (split second).
  6. Force quake.

If you're taking Elemental Convection (and Telekinetic Blitz), you can adhere to that up with Telekinetic Strike ► Telekinetic Wave ► Force quake as well as repeat the cycle indefinitely. See to it, you utilize Pressure Speed right before activating Telekinetic Wave when It's available to enhance its damages.

The AOE Damage turning offers sufficient damage to bring everything low enough that these capabilities will suffice to obtain any one of the more powerful adversaries that are left standing.

The concept is that Telekinetic Wave uses Dormant Shakes, which makes your next Force quake offer much more damage. That next Force quake will certainly additionally make Telekinetic Wave immediate, permitting you to do the same thing again.

Single-Target Damage.

  1. Weaken Mind (Dot for Turbulence autocrat).
  2. Telekinetic Gust (success, minimizes cast time of Mind Crush).
  3. Mind Crush (huge Dot).
  4. If appropriate), Pressure Potency (.
  5. Pressure Speed (if appropriate).
  6. Turbulence (substantial hit).
  7. Telekinetic Wave (instant).
  8. Task (huge hit, increased by Mind Crush and also slows down).

Force Mend.

Opponents will certainly switch over to attacking another thing though while you're transporting it, so your buddy will certainly remain in serious risk as everything begins focusing them. It's helpful to buy you time while your companion heals you up, however beware not to channel it too long that your buddy gets defeated.

Turbulence does deal even more damage than Telekinetic Gust or Mind Crush, however Mind Crush needs time to tick, makes the target take a bit extra damage from Pressure attacks, and the rate limit on the pro that makes Telekinetic Wave split second won't constantly be up if you utilize Turbulence that early. You're not gonna need to use more than one Disturbance anyhow so postponing is unnecessary.

Force Mend heals you for a modest quantity. Use it whenever you go down below 90% to sustain on your own. Consider it as a protective cooldown and not as one of your off-heals since its out the GCD, so you don't have to utilize it as opposed to a strike.

In solo content, the heaps are best invested on Force quake, Telekinetic Wave, Force in Balance, Force Peacefulness, and also Disturbance. With Force quake, each channel will just take in 1 pile, yet Telekinetic Wave as well as Pressure in Balance can consume both heaps if you hit a second enemy with it and have 2 heaps, so Telekinetic Wave as well as Force in Equilibrium need to always be the 2nd capabilities you use.

These capacities use some kind of momentary increase to your protection, movement, and/or offense. Because they typically just last a short time while having a lengthy cooldown, they are referred to as cooldowns (CDs). Sickness only be covering the ones that you'll reasonably have access too regularly.

This ability sends out a wave of Pressure in front of you to knock back neighboring opponents. They then come to be favored up to 5s, though if they take nanodot damages, the effect is broken early. Usage Force Wave if you need to interrupt something as well as Mind Break is unavailable or want a bit of breathing space between you and your opponents.

Force Barrier.

Many thanks to the Event Storm as well as Unrivaled Rush epic implants, Pressure Speed additionally makes your next nanodot attack deal 20% even more damages as well as minimizes the cooldown on Psychological Alacrity by fives. The damages boost is best made use of with Telekinetic Wave, Force in Balance, Disturbance, or Pressure Calmness.

Psychological Alacrity.

Force Wave.


Pressure Strength.

It's essential to make certain you're being thoughtful concerning which capacities you use and also attempt to use them as fast as feasible while the increase is energetic to optimize their effectiveness. Utilize them versus more powerful enemies to beat them quicker.

Force of Will.

Pressure Armor is much less valuable if you're using a storage tank or DPS buddy since adversaries will certainly be much more likely to hit your companion than if it was a healer, though it does still supply some benefit.

Turning on Stage Stroll makes you put a mark on the ground where you're standing. You can push the switch once again to go back to that significant area if you're within 60 m, also while you're shocked or channeling an additional capability. If you're not within 60 m, it will certainly simply deactivate the mark as well as you can change it.

This capability can disrupt your targets cast or channel and also secures them out of triggering that capacity again momentarily. Commonly the much longer or a lot more threatening-sounding the capability is, the more vital it is to disrupt.

Force Barrier makes you immune to all damage and control for as lengthy as you carry it, approximately 8s. As you channel, you'll develop heaps of Enduring Stronghold with each stack offering as many damages absorption as a Force Armor, though the absorption just lasts a brief time. The capacity has an incredibly lengthy cooldown but can sometimes obtain you out of a bind.

Force Effectiveness increases the essential chance of your following 2 nanodot hits by 60%. For Turbulence (thinking Weaken Mind gets on the target), it will trigger a superscript, meaning the extra essential possibility will certainly be included in the multiplier considering that it's currently an autocrat.

Force Armor.

Protective cooldowns (CDs) boost your survivability briefly, making it less likely that you'll be beat. Use them whenever you're taking much more damages than you can take care of.

Pressure Speed.

Your bubble, Pressure Shield, is rather strong with this construct, so make sure It's up as commonly as feasible. Use Force Lift on the greatest opponent that is outermost from the team. As soon as you have 4 stacks of Existence of Mind, you'll usage Vanquish, which will use to all neighboring targets influenced by your Force Reductions stacks (which were applied by Pressure in Equilibrium). As you channel, you'll construct stacks of Long-lasting Bastion with each stack offering as much damage absorption as a Force Armor, though the absorption only lasts a brief time. Usage Force Wave if you require disturbing something and also Mind Snap is unavailable or want a bit of breathing space in between you and also your opponents.

Offensive Cooldowns.

Psychological Alacrity boosts your Alacrity, which raises the price at which you can carry out many thanks as well as assaults to the Celebration Storm dental implant, directly raises the damage you deal by 20%. You'll likewise be immune to disrupts as well as cast bar pushback while Psychological Alacrity is energetic.

These capabilities have some type of controlling impact on your challenger that typically offer some kind of protective benefit to you.

This capacity breaks you out of any managing impacts. Because it has such a long cooldown, only utilize it if you are prevented from doing what you wish to do. If you're rooted in place yet can still strike your target, there's no requirement to damage totally free.

Group Control.

Mind Break.

Many Thanks to Telekinetic Defense, Kinetic Collapse, and the base capabilities of Pressure Shield, it is worth investing the GCD to use as typically as feasible in solo content. It is excellent to use it outside of battle as you are strolling in between groups of garbage so that you aren't losing time activating it in actual fight because its results can last long and are dependent on you taking damages.

The capacity additionally has a special added impact for each and every technique. For Telekinetic, you obtain 5% even more damages reduction (DR) while you have the Force-imbalanced rebuff. For Balance, you heal 1% of your max health and wellness passively each 2nd that Force Armor is energetic.

Major Cooldown Capacities for Sages.


Force Stun ability stuns the target for a brief time, stopping them from doing anything, allowing you to do anything without needing to stress over them retaliating.

I intend to be crystal clear up front that I am unwilling to describe this as a protective cooldown whatsoever due to the fact that it does cost a GCD (that could be invested in another assault) as well as calls for several capability tree buffs to make it worth making use of in combat that you can't always pay for to take in other types of material.

These cooldowns enable you to relocate a lot faster than you would normally be able to go.

You might desire to group each category together on your bar, so you can recognize them much more quickly, though maintain them divide from the attacks I provided above.

Pressure Stun.

There are more complicated uses in team content, but also for solo content, I find it most helpful to simply place it down whenever you recognize you'll need to return the way you came, typically if you just need to take a fast detour to walk down a corridor to click something.

You truly just need to include Mind Crush versus Elites (golds), Compromise Mind ► Turbulence ► Telekinetic Gust will certainly be enough for a lot of Strong's (silvers).

Pressure Rate makes you move faster than you would certainly while placed for a couple of seconds. The effect is incredibly short, however you have maximum control over where you desire to go.

Defensive Cooldowns.

Phase Walk.


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